How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

While laying in bed trying to fall asleep, you may be tired of looking up at your popcorn ceiling. You have just decided that it time to update your home to modern design trends by removing the old popcorn ceiling that was so popular in the last century. We put together this guide for you to help you understand the basics of knocking down a popcorn ceiling.

Essential Steps to Knockdown a Popcorn Ceiling

Safety First! Wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). The experts recommend wearing a respiratory mask, covering all exposed skin with a long sleeve shirt and pants, cover the head and feet with a protective covering. It doesn’t matter how cautious you are; the material will fall on and around you. Removing a popcorn ceiling is a dirty job.

Clear the area. If you have children or pets, don’t let them enter the work area. Relocate them to a different room of the house. You don’t want children and pets exposed to the dust and debris. Also, they could track all that nasty dirt to other rooms of the house. Therefore it is best to only have the necessary people in the work area for safety and to prevent contamination.

Cover the floor and furniture. Cover the floor with plastic sheeting or a drop clothe. This so that you don’t get your house incredible messy and when the job is through you can just roll up the covering and through it in the bin.

Dampen the ceiling. Dampen the ceiling with a garden hose or sprayer. Working in one small area at a time. Dampening the area will help control the dust and make the popcorn easier to remove.

Use a pole with a blade to scrape the ceiling clean. It is easier to scrap the remove the popcorn texture from the floor than from standing on a ladder. Also, a long pole allows you do remove the surface without having to stand directly under the falling debris.

Let the ceiling dry then fill gouges and holes with joint compound and drywall mud. You should now have a smooth surface that you can paint.

If you are unhappy with your ability to remove the popcorn ceiling at in point you can always hire a professional to finish the job for you.